Sextastic! is about three of my favorite subjects: love, sex, & communication.  I want to resolve problems couples are having in and outside the bedroom. Couples want a better love connection and greater intimacy. They want a fulfilling sex life. Partners want to learn how to express their needs and desires in a positive, constructive way that gets results.

Each week, my book offers you a different partnering practice to give you skill sets and support, which boosts your confidence in and outside the bedroom. 

My mission is to step-up your intimate pillow talk and heighten your sexual pleasure. Sex is like food. Sometimes you want a seven-course meal; sometimes you just crave a hot dog. 

Couples want peaceful interactions and loving companionship.
 If you follow the practices for 49 days, you will enjoy better sex, love, romance, and intimacy for a lifetime!

Intimacy takes effort. It also takes seeking and discovering truths about each other. You deserve to feel loved, valued, supported, and  appreciated. You want someone to have your back, no matter what.