"For times they are a-changin'," is a memorable line from Bob Dylan. A host of psychological anxieties stem from the ever-changing roles of men and women. Added to the complexities of a global economy, robotics, and social media, there's a ripple effect, shaking the foundation of romantic partnerships and marriages.

We try so hard to impress others and are so desperate to have others bear witness to our lives (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat etc.) that we aren't aware how self-absorbed we've become. It takes away from our ability to feel a genuine connection, a bond, a closeness like we used to do so naturally by simply spending time together. 

My new book, Sextastic! Improve Your Love Life in Seven Weeks, brings face-to-face activities to the forefront with its interactive partnering practices. A loving mate encourages you be your authentic self and accepts you. Learn how to express your affection through a loving exchange of energy and let it unfold.

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Where there's a love spark, there's always hope. 
Reclaim ownership of your minds and bodies. No matter what your current body image is, you deserve a healthy and happy relationship. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Your inner beauty defines who you are. Sexiness is what's between your ears. Don't let society's airbrushed images distort your perceptions.
The barrage of mixed messages about body image or inadequacies can be overwhelming for both men and women. There's immense social pressure to look and act cool, based mostly on looks, shape, and size. Negative messages bombard us daily on TV, at the movies, and in magazines: You're not handsome enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not muscular enough. And we all know there's an epidemic of physical illnesses related to weight issues.

Thankfully, this is beginning to change. Robin Robert's Game Changers special aired 12/22/16, and it featured Ashley Graham, the first full-bodied model to grace the cover of Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016. Another breakthrough is the curvy Barbie doll named after her. Ashley's message is, "Don't let body insecurities hold you back from anything." I agree. 

Let's applaud her self-confidence and maintain the right mental mindset. We all have a beautiful gem inside waiting to be polished with our own courage, humor, and intelligence.