The minute we stop moving and learning new things, is the minute we stop living fully. To put it another way, our brains start to expire. 
Read all the great research! Tell your brain to regenerate new cells. If you don't try new things or move, your cells lose their ability to repair themselves. 

When you don't exercise either mentally or physically, your cells believe they're getting ready to die. So they give up. Use positive self-talk and move every day. #growbraincells

Grow your brain cells. Alter your life! 

Be Still.Take action.

Get Inspired.

Draw Lines. 

Create Peace.

Invigorate Others. 
Of course, I think of myself as a relatively normal human being. Is that normal? We all can be a hyper-focused on our electronic devices. We also can become a bit lazy, self-absorbed, and set in our ways. I admit to these faults at times. Naturally, we typically create a rationalization for each of them. Human beings--and a few presidents--find a rationale for worse behaviors, believe me. 

Spontaneity leads to an open life; structure gives rise to intolerance. 

To be an open book or a closed private person, that is the question. No worries there. Nobody cares which way we turn so why respond to insignificant obligations or witless commitments? Take a breathe. 

Flexibility is not always an asset. Just like the fatal adaptation of the frog in science class which adjusted to the slowly boiled water so perfectly that he died. Never adapt to evil or foolishness. Don't go down the rabbit hole. And if you ask me, we all go down the slippery slope sometimes.
The trick is to learn from our mistakes. 

I do feel splintered occasionally. I accept that along with my own asininity.My mind flickers and travels in a myriad directions, like confetti floating to the ground after a grand parade. I can hardly stand the confusion. Were I to control the world, I would stop its rotation long enough to catch my breath. To stop the madness. Wanna get off the merry-go-round of life? Let's turn off all electronic devices and think for ourselves. Be still. We must avoid losing control of our thoughts. That's what Orwell's book, 1984, was all about. Whichever way our minds turns, it's important to have clarity, purpose, compassion, joy, and curiosity. Always be curious. 

Recreate yourself every moment. Which moment? Only this one and this one and this one etc. Accept that we don't know what we don't know. Unplug. Listen. Absorb.

 Nobody ever got any smarter listening to themselves talk!