Hi, I'm Janalee. As an author and the founder of this website, my mission is to share my belief that women are beautiful mirrors of the powerful energy within. With decades of experience, I've picked up a few truths along the way. Rise up and share your stories of courage and strength and humor. Teach. Philosophize. Seek truth. Let's help ourselves and others direct their life path joyfully and confidently.
Let's discover ways to amp up our belief structure. Do you look for ways to discover self-mastery and inner peace? Me, too. Together, let's stand tall, smile tall, and think tall in our thoughts, words, and deeds. 

I write about life, children, healing, love, transformation, sexuality, parenting, the large issues etc. Regardless of age, we can learn from each other. Transformation works on a continuum in both directions simultaneously, like lightening from heaven!