Are you feeling a little bored in your current sex life? Trust yourself. You can invigorate it. 

Want to express your real needs to your partner but can’t find the right words? 

Want to learn the secrets of sexually-content women? 

Then this may be the most important message you ever read. 

When it comes to having sex (even with the man you love), does it take you a half an hour just to warm up? Is your partner frustrated by your apparent lack of interest? Have you ever walked away, wondering what could have been if you'd only had the guts to go tell him your real needs that moment? Sure.  Don't worry, this happens to many couples.

Here’s what is even more frustrating: On those few occasions when you’re lucky enough to have a penetration orgasm, you never get the second one. Does your partner sometimes feel like he/she let you down in the bedroom? You start feeling bad, which makes you feel worse about yourself. That leads to less self-confidence & to less sex in general.  

It's a bad snowball effect, perpetuating a continuous downward spiral. Does he go ga-ga over some self-described sleazy-looking gal on the street? Now you're mad. Don't be. Many men exert their hyper-masculinity more when they're feeling less than whole in the sexuality department, including older men who can no longer perform or who has lost the desire itself. That's why they tell off-colored jokes to people who could care less.

Still, if your partner takes you for granted, it's like a punch in the gut. Your concern for his well-being comes from a place of genuine love, but he sees your suggestions as a putdown.

It sucks, doesn’t it?  But it gets worse, much worse. Because what typically happens next is, you try to prove your love. True love does not require continual tests. Things just don’t click like they're supposed to.

Everything seems forced or unnatural. Many women feel more like sleeping than having sex. Some say that they expect their mate to support them emotionally before they feel like making love. Hogwash, ladies. Men can't read your mind. Don't ever expect them to in the future. 

Be upfront. Change your aura. Become a loving light. Inspire your partner. Sex is the glue that keeps a relationship intimate & romantic. Visit these websites for more information on how to become the inspiration!



Sex is like food. Sometimes you want a seven-course meal; sometimes you just crave a hot dog! You're much more likely to get what you want once you learn to express your needs and desires in a constructive way. Learn to be seductive.

Create a romantic setting for heightened pleasure and have some fun to boot! Initiate a scavenger hunt. Start with a simple handwritten note that you strategically place somewhere you know your partner will see it easily. The note might read:  Hi, you handsome hulk. Just want to show you how much I love you. Go to Asparagus Fern for your next message.

Another message is tucked away inside the fern. Write something like, “You make me so happy.” Next, you send him to the refrigerator or anywhere in the house, invariably ending up in the bedroom. Each note expresses your affection. Humans never tire of flattery. The last note says, “Look under your pillow.” Place a small token of your affection or something provocative – like edible underwear or a Hallmark card – before the games begin.

Once in the bedroom, playfully push him onto the bed. Offer a glass of wine that is chilled on the night stand. Start with a kiss. Unbutton his shirt, slowly, and continue with each piece of clothing on yourself as well until you're both naked. Ask him to turn face down. Let some wine spill forth while you kiss his entire back. Kiss behind his knee caps. It's a pleasure point. Turn him face up, kiss his chest slowly and prolong the sexual tension until he can't take it a moment longer.

Seduction is a wonderful gift!

From TV's The Bachelor in the fantasy suite, here's Nick & Raven!
In front of 9.5 million viewers, Raven just told Nick that she'd only been intimate with one person from her small town. She's never said, "I love you" and her ex-boyfriend never made her orgasm. A stunned Nick says, "I wasn't expecting that." 

Which is worse? Raven oversharing on national television or how humiliated her ex-boyfriend must feel?

The biggest challenge I hear from women is that they don't have many penetration orgasms, if ever, with their boyfriend or husbands they say they've been happily married to for six years or more. 

My friend, Loriann, 27, had a new partner and she was falling hard for him. Naturally, she was petrified to tell him the same thing Raven told Nick. "Do I tell him I've never had an orgasm through intercourse? Do you think I should be honest? I'm so scared. I don't want to lose him."

I said, "Well, let's see...you can either fake it forever with him or figure out the right combo through experimental sex." We talked for two hours and I shared my secrets. Subsequently, Loriann gave me a bottle of champagne! "Oh, yes, oh yes, oh my god, yes! I'm so happy we talked!" She and her lover had indeed unlocked the combination to her private laboratory. 

If you know a woman like this, let's talk. 
Sextastic! is about three of my favorite subjects: love, sex, & communication.  I want to resolve problems couples are having in and outside the bedroom. Couples want a better love connection and greater intimacy. They want a fulfilling sex life. Partners want to learn how to express their needs and desires in a positive, constructive way that gets results.

Each week, my book offers you a different partnering practice to give you skill sets and support, which boosts your confidence in and outside the bedroom. 

My mission is to step-up your intimate pillow talk and heighten your sexual pleasure. Sex is like food. Sometimes you want a seven-course meal; sometimes you just crave a hot dog. 

Couples want peaceful interactions and loving companionship.
 If you follow the practices for 49 days, you will enjoy better sex, love, romance, and intimacy for a lifetime!

Intimacy takes effort. It also takes seeking and discovering truths about each other. You deserve to feel loved, valued, supported, and  appreciated. You want someone to have your back, no matter what.