In 1992, on Thanksgiving night, I  was reading a bedtime story to my then-four-year-old daughter, Janelle. I had to put her brother, Grant, to bed so I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight.  

As I was getting up to leave, she tugged at my shirt, trying to get me to lay back down. Then she stupefied me, MomWhat's the most important thing about being human?  
Well, that stopped me in my tracks. Those were her exact words. I'll never forget them. I paused a long while and tilted my head to one side, I think it's our ability to love others, to love God, and to love ourselves. What do you think it is, sweetie? 
That's a good answer, Mom, but I wanna think about it some more tomorrow, Janelle said. What an old-soul response. I always told her to think for herself, but I never expected her to do it at the ripe ole age of four, three months shy of her 5th birthday. Such a profound question from a young child.

How would you answer her question? 


07/15/2016 4:42am

Jan has some amazing real life stories that are easy to relate to with sincerity and genuineness Genia Jan has some amazing real life stories that are easy to relate to at first I was thinking this would be just a side for women but I find it intriguing for myself a mature man -
Her stories are real life heartfelt and just plain interesting to read because I can relate to them -
She helps to motivate me and adds inspirational to my daily life with her quotes,,,,
I'm grateful for your time and effort in putting this wonderful website together much continued success my friend

09/08/2016 4:15pm

Thanks, Chaz. I value our friendship greatly.


Being human we have many one responsibility of life and families. Human is best creation of God and we should try to keep the communication with each other. It is good to send our time with love and respect.


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