I decided to walk barefoot on the golf course last night to ground myself and clear my head. For the first 10 minutes, many thoughts swirled around my head. I had many thoughts about a recent project I was working on for hours and I kept thinking about what I needed to get done. So much to do in so little time. It's my day off. I'm supposed to be relaxing a little bit, right? 
Suddenly, I remembered something Eckardt Tolle said on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday show. So I put my palms facing each other directly in front of me, still walking, and said to myself, I am only in this moment. Not the past nor the future. Feel the grass under my feet. See colors. Hear birds. Let go of my thoughts. Just feel. 

A remarkable thing happened. Within minutes, I slowed down my pace, my heart and my breathing and took in the nature around me. I felt an inner peace and serenity for the next 20 minutes. So great. If only I could take that inner peace everywhere I go. I believe it's possible, but I'm not there yet. I'll keep striving. 


Angeline Sugnet
09/08/2016 9:30pm

I love this.
My mind has been swirling a lot lately.. I just moved and my mind seems to be hijacked at times, thinking of all the things I "need" to do.
Though I keep reminding myself that really all I actually "need" is to breathe, have food and water, and love in my life. By focusing on making those things the priority, being present with them-- I can tap into that inner peace & serenity that you speak of. And realize that I'm always blessed with all I need. Relishing in the present--feeling grass beneath my toes-- is the best way for me to feel true gratitude and aliveness !
Thanks for this reminder-- love it and it was so timely


In reality, we can't deny the fact that we are bombarded by the demands of everything around us. More often than not, we are drowning in despair because we try to keep up with the standards of this world. But, we should put in mind that we need to relax and have the moment to contemplate about life. We should not put pressure on ourselves. Let's take time to appreciate everything around us. Life is beautiful, so we must enjoy every moment we have.


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