Standing with my daughter inside a huge Christmas tree located at the Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. 
I love being surrounded by the good energy of my daughter, Janelle. She's a living spark plug!

I hope you feel joyful or at least hopeful that the new year will bring peace, happiness, and health. We sometimes get so caught up in all the activities, the fun ones and the chores, that we miss out on the special warm cozy feelings of love, connection, bonding, and closeness that we all need and crave.

Take a deep breathe in and resolve to see, hear, touch, and smell the things around you in this very moment. Enjoy the season! 


10/31/2017 6:32am

Holidays is good time for spend according to the needs and desires. Family also want to time of us and it depend on us how we ca manage it with correct way. Open place and dinner can gives the happiness of kids and parents.


Wiser words have never been spoken. Sometimes we get so caught up in taking pictures of the season that we forget to actually experience the season. The holiday season is time for family and we should do everything that we can to make them feel happy and loved. We may see them on a day-to-day basis, but the holiday season always brings out that little extra effort in us to spread love in our families.


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