From TV's The Bachelor in the fantasy suite, here's Nick & Raven!
In front of 9.5 million viewers, Raven just told Nick that she'd only been intimate with one person from her small town. She's never said, "I love you" and her ex-boyfriend never made her orgasm. A stunned Nick says, "I wasn't expecting that." 

Which is worse? Raven oversharing on national television or how humiliated her ex-boyfriend must feel?

The biggest challenge I hear from women is that they don't have many penetration orgasms, if ever, with their boyfriend or husbands they say they've been happily married to for six years or more. 

My friend, Loriann, 27, had a new partner and she was falling hard for him. Naturally, she was petrified to tell him the same thing Raven told Nick. "Do I tell him I've never had an orgasm through intercourse? Do you think I should be honest? I'm so scared. I don't want to lose him."

I said, "Well, let's can either fake it forever with him or figure out the right combo through experimental sex." We talked for two hours and I shared my secrets. Subsequently, Loriann gave me a bottle of champagne! "Oh, yes, oh yes, oh my god, yes! I'm so happy we talked!" She and her lover had indeed unlocked the combination to her private laboratory. 

If you know a woman like this, let's talk. 


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