Every partnership involves a series of trade-offs! The question is, what degree of compromise can you live with and still be happy?

For instance, do you want kids and he doesn't? Does one partner have to live in the countryside while the other needs city life?

A friend of mine, Dee, was in bed with her last boyfriend, and she asked, "Can we try something different tonight?" He said, "I've been doing this a long time. I know what I'm doing." How self-absorbed can a man get? She was stunned, and responded only in her head: "Well, you don't know my body yet and I'm telling you that I need more variety!" Subsequently, Dee gave him packing orders. She could NOT compromise to that degree and maintain her sanity at the same time. 



08/26/2017 10:06am

Learning how to compromise is the greatest challenge couples will face in their relationship. It's a balancing act. At every situation where there needs to be a trade off, couples need to meet at the middle. One person's needs should not be set aside. If you feel like you're getting dragged by your partner in their decisions and you feel like you have no say in what is happening to your relationship then speak up. If speaking does not work, then you need to really think about where your relationship is going if only one person has a say in the relationship.


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