The minute we stop moving and learning new things, is the minute we stop living fully. To put it another way, our brains start to expire. 
Read all the great research! Tell your brain to regenerate new cells. If you don't try new things or move, your cells lose their ability to repair themselves. 

When you don't exercise either mentally or physically, your cells believe they're getting ready to die. So they give up. Use positive self-talk and move every day. #growbraincells

Grow your brain cells. Alter your life! 


07/26/2017 10:41pm


07/26/2017 11:04pm

This is very simple but meaningful. Our principle helps us be more productive in terms of thinking. I really learned a lot in your post. Even though your post is short and simple the content is very useful. I do believe that if we don't exercise either mentally or physically our brain cells is bored and ready to die. For me the best way to solve the problem is that you should always be positive and be more energetic than before. I'm so lucky that I see your post.

11/12/2017 5:29am

Do you think it's possible to renew my brain cells? It's hard to believe in that.


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