Step up your pillow talk for greater intimacy! You get what you give. Be appreciative. Share your dreams. Be real. Show a vulnerable side. You, not your partner, are responsible for bringing something interesting to the table (read bedroom.)  Let's talk about four categories to invigorate your romantic interactions: 

1. Think outside the bedroom.      
2. Create erotic partnering exercises. 
3. Build atmospheric mood-boosters
4. Discover 50 shades of arousal.  

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PART III: What kind of atmosphere puts you in the mood for love? Men are predominately visual. Women want a pleasant ambiance and feel more connected after an authentic conversation. Here's a few ways to get your  party started:Select your favorite type of music. You can't go wrong with John Legend or Marvin Gaye. Anything with a saxophone usually works, too. 
  • Place electronically flickering tea candles around your bedroom. They're safer than wax candles. Perhaps add a few real candles on the nightstand. Put dozens of the pseudo candles anywhere without the messy cleanup afterwards.
  • Add some incense to your bedroom or change up your normal scent. 
  • Try an aromatherapy diffuser with its essential oils for a change.
  • Move your furniture around for a new look. Add greenery. 
  • Add different shades of lighting. Some bulbs constantly change colors like a mood ring. Remember, the color red is typically linked to dominance and testosterone levels as in mating season, where some animals literally turn red when in heat. During arousal, humans turn reddish especially just prior to an orgasm. Google how colors stimulate parts of the brain for a different effect. 
  • Take an Epsom salt bath together, placing candles for a romantic touch. 
  • Put on some silk sheets. What directly touches your skin is consequential.
  • Wear those the high heels! Dress up as a superhero or in sexy outfits, allowing your partner to seduce you according to your character.
In short, dress up and talk. Create the ambiance that works for you. There's no right or wrong here. For my guidebook for couples, Sextastic! Improve Your Love Life in Seven Weeks, visit:

Invigorate your romantic life in your own unique way!



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Boredom can become problematic in a relationship when the steady state turns from comfort to stagnation. In the process, a relationship’s initial highs and lows may smooth out into a more evenly distributed and predictable pattern. What’s boring to you might be exciting or at least neutral to someone else. If lack of interest in your partner emerges as the number one quality of a boring relationship, as it did for the people in the study, then you’ll proceed differently than if you believe that lack of compatibility causes boredom. It may be the perception of your relationship, rather than the reality, that will determine whether it’s boring.

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When we succeed to find our better half, after some time we started bore with them because we do not give value our partner and not communicate properly with our better half in that type of case we should make strong communication and stay connected with them.

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