Is your love life getting stale? Take a look inward. You're responsible for livening up your own partnership. Let's talk about four categories to add fireworks to your sex life:

1. Think outside the bedroom.     
2. Create erotic partnering exercises.
3. Build atmospheric mood-boosters.
4. Discover 50 shades of arousal.

Let's talk frankly.  This is part 2 out of a 4-part series to show you how to get your love life on track again. The second solution is to engage in erotic partnering exercises. Each couple creates their own interactive partnering practice. In my book, Sextastic!, I call this an Erotic Discovery Exercise. For info on my book, visit: 

Start with 8-10 household objects. Go with the basics: a feather, a piece of fur, a wet washcloth, coffee beans in a sock, baby powder, rose petals, a therapeutic massager, hot baby oil, cold flavored ice cubes, a toothpick, etc. 

One partner closes his eyes. The other picks an object and administers it first on the inner wrist or lower forearm, asking what object was used. You think this is easy? Many people guess “fur” when it's actually “baby powder.” With eyes open, try each object on different places on the other's body. Then switch so the other partner experiments. If you like particular objects, put them in a “special drawer” next to your bed. Try new objects every month and add to your repertoire. Most everyone loves surprises: “Hi, honey. You'll never guess what I brought home today.” 

For a couples guidebook to rekindle, refresh, and reboot your partnership, visit
 Doing these partnering exercises 10-20 minutes twice a month will keep your sex life from ever being boring. Create your own erotic discovery partnering practice today!  


12/18/2017 4:53am

Life partner is gift of God and we should try to understand the feeling and habits of them. Life is not easy to spend with other person and this page tell us some special things for new married couples.


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