If you are asking whether or not your love life has gotten boring, it probably has. For the solution, look in a mirror. Each partner is responsible for breathing life and vigor into their partnership. Let's talk about the first of four categories to liven up any couple's sexual and romantic practices:

1. Think outside the bedroom 
2. Create erotic partnering exercises
3. Build atmospheric mood-boosters     
4. Discover 50 shades of arousal          
1) The first solution begins outside the bedroom. The human brain is wired for variety. What have you done as a couple to expand your horizons? Here's a few ideas to keep the spark alive.
    • My personal favorite is to go to the zoo. Animals exhibit primitive instincts. Humans are animals. Visit at least four enclosures and then go directly to the gorilla and monkey exhibits. Watch their expressive gestures and natural postures. Once your creative juices are stirred, head home and watch the sparks fly. 
    • Sign up for a salsa or West coast swing class. I know several places around town where a beginner gets a 30 minutes lesson for $10.00 and then practices it with a variety of partners at different levels for another half hour. Finally, there is open dance floor that lasts for about an hour or so. 
    • Learn a new language. Pretend to be a French couple for the night. 
    • Go to a museum. The sights, sounds, smells just be just what a Dr ordered. 
    • Rekindle the flame by revisiting the place where you met or your first date. (Or somewhere that resembles it.) 
    • Find a live band you normally wouldn't listen to. Appreciate it in a new context. If you don't like it after half an hour, get up and go elsewhere.
    • Go to a farmers market. The food smells and tastes add to the experience. Plus colorful people share info on various topics e.g. glass blowing.
    • Take a day trip to nearby town or tourist site you've never been to. 
    • Learn how to paint while you drink wine. Google places nearby.
The list is endless. Explore. Be creative. Get outside your comfort zone. 

On the flip side, keep your identity in tact. Keep your own hobbies/activities separate, without insisting the other participate. Smothering behavior is not attractive. If you love live theater and your partner hates it, go with a mutual friend who enjoys it as much as you do. Why waste one minute worrying if your partner is enjoying an event you've “forced” him or her to go to? Why torture the person you love? 
Your partner may indulge you once or twice a year, without complaining, because you're not forcing the issue anymore. Weird how that happens...

Two independent personalities blend more happily when boundaries are respected. After all, that's why you fell in love with in the first place! 

For a couples 7-week guidebook to rekindle, refresh, and reboot your partnership, please visit:   http://bit.ly/SevenWeekChallenge.


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