What's the best way to bring up a sensitive subject to my partner? My wife? My boyfriend? 

How do I make a request for change without hurting any feelings? 

Is there a way to make my partner more receptive to my ideas?
Complete my Focused-Language Intimacy-Exercise twice a month for 10 minutes to keep the spark alive. Flip a coin to see who goes first. Ask these three questions (or make up your own):

1) On a scale from 1-100, where do you see our intimacy level?
2) Where would you like it to be? (on same scale)
3) What can I do to help move us from a ____ to a ____?

You must follow five rules in order to be kind during the process. The trick is the rules you have to follow:

Rule #1:  Questioner may not talk. (May ask, "Can you give me an example?")
Rule #2: Questioner may not argue.
Rule #3: Questioner may not criticize.
Rule #4: Questioner may not interrupt.
Rule #5: Questioner may not give excuses.

Then switch places.  Choose your words carefully. Loving couples will process the information and apply it to their daily routine. A behavioral transfer is much more likely to happen when people don't feel attacked or criticized. This single interactive partnering practice will keep your relationship on the same positive page!

Many individuals are trying to discover what they did wrong in the last relationship. They don't want to blow it with their current partner. Learn how to maintain a healthy relationship. Everyone deserves to feel loved, valued, appreciated & supported. The truth is, you have to give in order to receive. Hold up a mirror. Be the compassionate, fun-loving light you were meant to be and your partnership will flourish.



08/01/2017 11:19am

It’s normal that intimacy level between couples will go down through the years. But that should not disappear at all. If that happens, that’s when you should be worried and know what is the problem between the two of you. Though it is hard, you should be brave enough to face this phase of your lives. It’s just an indication that life is not perfect, and it will not be the way we dreamed it to be. But please take note that these problems are what keep the relationship strong!


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