Well, hmmm. This is serious. Making a list of my top 10 reasons why I exist would have to include family and fun! Pics from a recent Santa Cruz family reunion shows I participated in both a reunion and adventure. Rode a roller coaster 4 times and caught up with over 25 relatives. Something spiritual also seems like a good idea ... to cover my bases in case there is a heaven, which by the way, I do believe exists. 

So here goes my list:
1) To raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted & productive children. 
2) To seek God's peace & enjoy Her/Him forever.
3) To love, teach, embrace, help, & heal others from negativity.
4) To function successfully within a family unit.
5) To be playful in a balanced way as a self-wellness activity.
6) To take care of myself responsibly so as not be a burden to society.
7) To think in creative ways & write more immediately-useful books.
8) To gain personal knowledge, strength, peace of mind, wisdom etc.
9) To be grateful for the gift of life & for my 96-year old mother.
10) To be a positive influence on the planet & have a small carbon footprint.

Make your own list. Now think about how you really spend your time. What are your core values and do you honor them on a regular basis? If not, what's taking up your time? Do you want to re-position yourself to match your core self? Would you be happier if you did that? 



08/05/2017 4:22am

We are all creations of the Lord and we are all here for a purpose. We need to know them and soon it will be all revealed to us. We just need to hope and live by the words of the Lord and for sure there will be assurance and there will be no more troubles that may come on our way. I wish that the people will be able to read the things that are on the list so that they may choose the right road. It is such an honor to read something like this.

08/07/2017 11:26am

Our existence is based on how we understand it. We all have our different purpose in life. For some people, they exist because God simply created them. For others, they exist because they have a family to be with. In my case, I exist because I have to fulfill the mission of God and that is to touch as many hearts as possible. I do this by joining charities and organizations in helping other people. I touch people's hearts by giving them another chance to live their life the way they want to because I believe that everybody deserves a second chance. Even the people who have made mistakes in their lives. Because when it comes to God, it doesn't matter if you have made a mistake or not. He will accept you for who you truly are.

08/11/2017 5:58am

Aside from the purpose of serving God, we are made to contribute to the society on our own little way. That is why each one of us given with a unique set of skills and talent. This is because we can help the world on our own way. Let us not belittle ourselves because we are capable of doing something remarkable. Keep your chin up!


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