Your partner is NOT responsible for your pleasure. You are! Yep, this may be 180 degrees different from what you've heard most of your life. 

Be the grown-up! 

Explore and know your own pleasure triggers first before telling your partner. Own your satisfaction. 

Don't expect your partner to read your mind! 

Listen up, ladies!  Don't just lay back & ask, What's my partner going to do to please me tonight?  That's a lazy approach to sex. It's not a spectator sport, so don't sit on the sidelines.

On the flip side, don't stay in your head & ask, What should I do next to please my partner?
Sex is a dynamic process, like a stir-fry recipe. Things happen differently every time. 

Remember, your spouse or partner or mate isn't always looking for a friend to listen to him although I believe that’s important for the long haul. Frequently, what a man needs is to be appreciated in the bedroom & supported for what he does for you. 

Men want to feel like King Kong in the bedroom. It's about making you climb the walls and beg for more. They need your femaleness to embrace their manhood in a raw, primitive way before they can show their deeper passion. I’ve discovered men want real affection without complications, even though most women don’t really understand how to do that. In fact, many push the very man away who would respond well to having space occasionally. A man can better unleash his passion when he doesn't feel confined.

After talking to women in my Discovering the Sexual Dimensions of Your Relationship workshops, it became apparent that a majority struggle with something I consider so basic, so simple, so true that I got frustrated with my own inability to communicate the essence of enhanced sexual pleasure.   

In 1993, I wrote my first book, called How To Have Multiple Orgasms Easier Than You Think (Avon Books), which sold over 56,000 copies. Visit Amazon for e-book and a few paperback versions:  http://amzn.to/2rHQDYA

wished I could've had face-to-face meetings with those readers. That’s when both men and women were telling me, Oh my gosh, you’ve saved my marriage. I love helping women—of all ages— in improving their all areas in life. After all, the women are beautiful mirrors of feminine energy moving in powerful new directions. 

It wasn't a single event that put me on my true path of helping others through teaching them the secrets of spirited sex.  It was a continuum of events where I figured out how to give and receive authentic passion. These secrets literally allow women to have as much heightened pleasure as they have the energy for! And, I’m convinced any healthy woman can duplicate my success for themselves.  http://bettersexloveromance.com



09/02/2017 9:49pm

I love the message of this article! It's a universal thing that we should not rely our happiness to other people, because later on, they will still disappoint you. Women should be dependent at all times. It's a wrong thing that you see men as a figure where you can see and define happiness. Learn to stand on your own feet and be an independent woman you can be proud of!


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