Most of us over-schedule our lives to the point that we don't know if we're coming or going! 

Complications take on a momentum all their own, which can fill your precious time that is not allotted to them. 

Focus on the immediate necessary activities needed to keep you and your family fulfilled.

Everything else is just noise! 

Cancel a few social activities temporarily. Do you really have to say "Yes" to everybody? Spend some time day-dreaming. Think about what areas of your life you can simplify and gain a level of comfort and contentment. If you're in the classic dilemma of wanting to go somewhere and not wanting to go, decide now to stay home for the next two weeks. Will you get more sleep? Read a book? 

Stay off of social media for a couple of days. See how much better you feel about spending your time eye-to-eye with real people like your children, spouse, or friends. 

Cut back on household chores, too. Remember, nobody is going to say, "You should've kept a cleaner house," on your tombstone.

Nobody can push your hot buttons if you're not around. Let that be your mantra for the rest of the month!



09/18/2017 9:04pm

Yes, agree with your mantra. Let us simplify our lives. We must live our lives simply. Life is too short to complicate things. If you want something and it makes you happy, do it. If there is something that is hindering your growth as an individual, stay away from it. Life should be enjoyed because we only have one life. We must live it to the fullest. Do you agree with me? You can share your sentiments as well. Thanks for posting!

10/16/2017 1:12am

Remove ego's, hate and racism from your life.


Simply your life by removing negative people from it.


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