Did you know that our behavioral matrix & personal programming determines roughly 91% of our decisions? Just think about that for a moment

Get a grip! Get a life! Get a pulse! Get a brain! 

Those exclamations correlate to the four (4) basic programs or style of behavior that I want to talk about today.
You may be primarily a controller who has high expectations of yourself & others. You want to control most everything around you. You crave control. Power is your goal. You take on responsibilities as if you're meant to be in charge.

You dislike failure or feeling vulnerable. You are task oriented. Controllers love new challenges and usually are in positions of authority. Are you a decisive person? Do you take leadership roles in your job or community?

Your weaknesses include perfectionism. You can become overly critical of self & others for not meeting your expectations. And you can be a little arrogant. After all, you have superior intelligence. Sometimes you fail at maintaining a relationship because of these flaws. (My ex-husband fell into this category in the behavior matrix.) 

Results motivate you.

Are you easy-going & like to have fun? Is pleasure a big goal? Then you most likely fit into this category. 

Do you dislike stress, negativity or boredom? Fortunately, relationships come naturally. After all, you are a people-pleaser. You want harmony on the homefront. You avoid confrontation if possible. You're flexible and go with the flow. Everyone paints you as a positive person with a sunny disposition.

On the flip side, you may tend to procrastinate. You can spend money you can't really afford. So credit cards may be your downfall. Sometimes others take advantage of your good nature and walk all over you. You are not a serious person. 

Freedom motivates you. You also love material rewards.

If you're detail-oriented & a neat person, you're probably an analyst. I don't think it's a coincidence that the word, anal, is in the title. You are very organized & have a very set schedule. You like to eat and work at specific times. You're learning process is precise & you study new things in the same way.

Do you dislike uncertainty & chaos? You can't stand being around obnoxious people & will find any excuse to leave an environment that doesn't meet your standards. You handle tasks & relationships in a balanced way. 

You'd make a great teacher! Any job where you can share your skills & knowledge with others makes you happy. 

You can't stand change, which makes you very anxious and stressed. Life is full of change, so sometimes you overcompensate by being too easy-going.

Learning, money, and new challenges motivate you. You analyze data quietly & make decisions based on your considerable processing.

You love adventure & action of any kind. You talk fast, move fast, and act fast. You might have been a cheerleader (literally or figuratively) in the past. 

A promoter hates dishonesty and rules. Like the analyst, you also hate boredom. You'll create events & situations in order to fill your schedule. 

You love completing tasks. Still, you have solid relationships, which are important to you.
You are a doer. People come to you when they need something to be accomplished. In other words, you are very dependable. Most consider you a hard worker.

On the other hand, you have a few weaknesses. For example, you over-commit yourself & then become exhausted afterward. Promoters can be blunt and disorganized because of the extra stress they put on themselves. 

What motivates you? Simple. Your mantra is, Let's party!

Now that you know which behavioral matrix fits your personality, make the most of it. Drive home your strengths & partner with someone who complements you. 


There are certain adjectives that can define our different personalities. Whatever emotion you have for a day, please always think that whatever it is, it is acceptable. If you feel bad during that day, don't worry too much on what other people will think about you. You were not born to please these people around you so stop caring about their judgement. What matters the most is how you see yourself! Please always remember that your behavior doesn't fully define you as a person!

10/16/2017 1:10am

Being an analyst would be the most difficult one.


It may varies according to time and condition.


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