Are you feeling a little bored in your current sex life? Trust yourself. You can invigorate it. 

Want to express your real needs to your partner but can’t find the right words? 

Want to learn the secrets of sexually-content women? 

Then this may be the most important message you ever read. 

When it comes to having sex (even with the man you love), does it take you a half an hour just to warm up? Is your partner frustrated by your apparent lack of interest? Have you ever walked away, wondering what could have been if you'd only had the guts to go tell him your real needs that moment? Sure.  Don't worry, this happens to many couples.

Here’s what is even more frustrating: On those few occasions when you’re lucky enough to have a penetration orgasm, you never get the second one. Does your partner sometimes feel like he/she let you down in the bedroom? You start feeling bad, which makes you feel worse about yourself. That leads to less self-confidence & to less sex in general.  

It's a bad snowball effect, perpetuating a continuous downward spiral. Does he go ga-ga over some self-described sleazy-looking gal on the street? Now you're mad. Don't be. Many men exert their hyper-masculinity more when they're feeling less than whole in the sexuality department, including older men who can no longer perform or who has lost the desire itself. That's why they tell off-colored jokes to people who could care less.

Still, if your partner takes you for granted, it's like a punch in the gut. Your concern for his well-being comes from a place of genuine love, but he sees your suggestions as a putdown.

It sucks, doesn’t it?  But it gets worse, much worse. Because what typically happens next is, you try to prove your love. True love does not require continual tests. Things just don’t click like they're supposed to.

Everything seems forced or unnatural. Many women feel more like sleeping than having sex. Some say that they expect their mate to support them emotionally before they feel like making love. Hogwash, ladies. Men can't read your mind. Don't ever expect them to in the future. 

Be upfront. Change your aura. Become a loving light. Inspire your partner. Sex is the glue that keeps a relationship intimate & romantic. Visit these websites for more information on how to become the inspiration!





11/13/2017 7:02am

You have such a warm inviting manner of expressing your thoughts on a subject that most men find hard to talk about -
Thank you
I look forward to learning more about this ,,,,,,

11/26/2017 10:22pm

Wow, what a great article here the discussion of becoming the Inspiration for the other people. Mostly people try to become a good people person in our society. Good people are trying to expert in our field and then start the personal business.

12/01/2017 10:33pm

Making love should always be done if you feel it. Doing it forcibly will never have the same feeling, that is why you and your partner need to condition yourselves first. Though there are so many ways on how we can express our love towards our partners, I agree that this one is the most effective way. But you and your partner should talk about this privately for it is a matter that is not appropriate to tackle in public!


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