What are the top 12 traits you look for in your partner?  Here's my list:

1. A sense of personal identity
I want a man who knows who he is and what he wants out of life, yet is still willing to grow and seek out more.  Someone who is dynamic and discovering parts of himself as he ages. 

2. Self-confidence
I want a man who describes himself with more positives than negatives, who carries on conversations easily with a variety of people, who is self-secure, and who can spend time alone.

3. Affectionate

I like a man who puts his arm around me at the movies or while sitting on a park bench. I want a touchy man in private yet likes to hold hands or give me a quick peck when we're in public. Can he give a sensual back or foot rub? 

4. A sense of humor

I love to laugh. A couple who laughs, lasts. I need a playful man who is willing to be spontaneous at least some of the time. If he teases me in a gentle way, then I feel comfortable. If he dishes it out, can he take it in return? It's a two-way street. I want a man who smiles easily. 

5. Successful It's not the size of his wallet that counts as much as the passion towards his purpose. I want someone who accomplishes goals he believes are worthwhile. 

6. Healthy & Energetic

Energy is a turn-on. My mate needs to have moderately good health routines that include eating, exercising, and sleeping. Being an outdoorsman is also a plus. Yes, I want a mate who is within normal weight limits for his height. A non-smoker is a must.

7. Intelligence
I need a man who is relatively smart, who can talk about a variety of subjects (not just sports) with the same level of enthusiasm. I want someone who isn't afraid to look up a word or a concept immediately when they hear something unfamiliar. Is your man a curious person? Lifelong learning is as important to me as good health.

8. Cultural Awareness
I want a man who enjoys the arts, such as live theater, musical concerts, well-made movies, museums, architecture, etc. Bonus points if he plays a musical instrument or sings.

9. Spiritual
I can't define exactly what this looks like except to say he must believe in something greater than himself (Source, God, Supreme Being). Does he have a spiritual practice or on a journey to gain more insights, knowledge, or peace of mind? 

10. Strong sexual appetite

I'd like my partner to match my level of energy in this area. I want to agree on the number of times we typically will have sex in a week. Does he have a passionate soul?

11. Sports-minded
I want my partner to play at least one sport or have a physical hobby, like swimming, ping pong, hiking, or racquetball. Does he watch sports without being obsessive? I enjoy watching a football game every now and then, but watching four days per week during the entire season is a bit much.

12. Adventurous

Traveling is important. I need to have a partner who likes to travel. Whether by plane, train, boat, or car, let's get up and go to a new destination periodically. Does he speak a foreign language or is he willing to learn a few basic phrases before traveling to a particular location?  Does he enjoy soaking up foreign food, architecture, sights, sounds, people around him? 

In short, I want a well-rounded Renaissance man who is kind-hearted, curious, and joyful whether he's in my presence or not. This is a true measure of a man. 


Every person is a desire to be living the good partner. Most people are searching the best family and then decide to marry between two families. All the people is desired to get the beautiful wife and then spend the happy life.

01/16/2018 11:50pm

I personally want a partner that is mature in thinking, having sweetness in disguise, being proud of me, and willing to take me to the altar wholeheartedly. 'No man is an island.' So, we need someone to take care of one another. The similarities and differences must meet each other, so, you will understand each other. Most especially, my soon to be partner must be God fearing.

01/01/2018 8:39pm

Nowadays, it's so hard to find the perfect person for you. While there are people who are still in search of love, some of them have given up because they have lost the hope that they can still find the perfect person for them. Personally I believe that there is no perfect person and we should not expect them to change. If you love a certain person, you will accept everything that he has. His flaws, imperfections, and shortcomings should be part of why you should love that person and there's no need for them to be perfect!


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